Good quality Gabion Wire Mesh Machine for sales
Good quality Gabion Wire Mesh Machine for sales
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window screen machine

Electric Rolling Window Screen Machine Low Noise 80 - 600 Square Mesh

  • Electric Rolling Window Screen Machine Low Noise 80 - 600 Square Mesh
Product Details:

1300 numeical control wire net weaving machine /shuttleless weaving looms/main motor power 1.5kw



shuttleless weaving looms,Uses the
mechanical volume net, mastle shuttle,
treads the plate to hang the synthesis,


shuttleless weaving looms


1, Adaptability to metal wires:Adapt to various imported and domestic metal wires.

2, Large adjust range:The metal wire screen can be woven out mesh but also special kinds up to 2600 mesh,such as plain weaving,twill weaving,mat weaving and taper contrast high density screen weaving,etc,and have advantage over products of other machines.

3, The machine adopts technique of shuttless and straightway weft leading,automatic warp feeding and winding.Sheddings are small,and surfaces of woven screens are smooth,and there is not any bright spot,bright trace and other defects on fine screens.The machine can make high -grade in the standard of GB/T 5330-2003.

4, Lower center of gravity,good stability,low noise and energy consumption,high effciency.

5, Rational design,simple construction,easy to operate and maintain.






Mesh density


beating-up frequencyr


tension control method 


Motor pow

JG1300A 1300MM 80-600 60-120 numerical control 1.5kw
JG1300B 1300MM 150-600 60-140 mechanical control 1.5kw
JG1300C 1300MM 40-400 75-78 mechanical control 1.5kw
JG1600D 1600MM 40-400 60 mechanical control 1.5kw


Plain / Twill Woven Type Window Screen Machine For Stainless Steel Wire

  • Plain / Twill Woven Type Window Screen Machine For Stainless Steel Wire
  • Plain / Twill Woven Type Window Screen Machine For Stainless Steel Wire
Product Details:

Shuttleless Weaving Machine / Heavy-duty Shuttleless Weaving Machine

Shuttleless Weaving Machine

1. High adaptability to metal wire: Apply to imported and domestic metal wires
2. Large adjusting range: Weave 14-400 mesh square hole mesh or 2600 mesh special mesh with various lines, such as plain weave, twilled weave, satin weave, taper contrast thick mesh weaving, superior to other models
3. It adopts shuttleless straight line weft insertion weaving and mechanical automatic let-off and take-up, has small opening amount and smooth wire side, can weave microgroove mesh without bright spot or bright channel and produce high-grade screen mesh, and conforms to national standard.
4. Low center of gravity, good stability, low noise, less energy consumption, high efficiency
5. Reasonable design, simple structure, convenient operation, easy regulation and repair



Heavy-Duty Shuttleless Weaving Machine


Heavy shuttleless netting machine adopts intermittent automatic let-off, active wire rolling and shuttleless wire rolling, and has advantages of high operation capacity and carrying capacity, large weaving wire number, wide density range, etc. The product has smooth wire side, good combining capacity and various lines, and is widely used for petroleum, petrochemical industry, machinery, mine and other fields.



Model Width Opening density Wire diameter(mm) Rotating speed of crank shaft (r/minute) Motor power(KW)
ZWJ1300 1300MM 2-20mesh 0.2-1.0 60-65 4
ZWJ1600 1600MM 2-20 0.2-1.0 55-60 5.5
ZWJ2000 2000MM 2-20 0.2-1.0 35-40 5.5
Item Type Parameters
Maximum Screen Width
ZWJ-1300A 1300
ZWJ-1600Q 1600

Opening Density
ZWJ-1300A 40 ~400 Square opening screen Square Hole Mesh
~ 2600 special screen Special Mesh
Rotating Speed OF crank Shaft
ZWJ-1300A 65 ~ 90 Stepless Variable Speed
ZWJ-1300C 60
Power of motor(kw) ZWJ-1300A 2.2
Total machine weight (kg) ZWJ-1300A 2700
ZWJ-1300B 2800
ZWJ-1300C 3000
ZWJ-1600Q 3200
Dimensions of machine(mm)
(L× W× H)
ZWJ-1300A 2600 × 2800 × 1200
ZWJ-1300C 2700 × 2800 × 1260
ZWJ-1600Q 2630 × 3200 × 1360
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